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Happy Clients Happy Workers

Happy Clients
Happy Workers

Worker Abraham rode with client Andy while helping him move his stuff from the storage unit to the house. Both having a good time during the move.

Kristan needed one worker to help her husband unload a 15 foot truck full of boxes and a couple of tables and light art work. Happy with the results.

Happy client Rachel and worker Kyle still smiling after helping her move heavy furniture into her home. Items moved were a dresser, desks, bed, and the headboard.

Tyler still has the energy to smile after helping client Steve move heavy furniture inside the house. Steve should have asked for 2 workers, the dresser was heavy.

Two thumbs up from client Erica and workers Marcell and Kessunga after moving her pool table up three flights of stairs and assembling it successfully.

Deborah obviously happy with Danny and Tyler for a job well done. Moving her items and boxes to storage.

Zealous client Angela getting ready to rock and move things with the workers Manuel and Anthony.

Worker Steven and Taylor packing and moving stuff from the main house to the guest house 50 feet away.

A happy client’s partner smiles for the camera with worker Cayetano having a good rest after loading a queen bed, bed frame, boxes and other household items.
Anna decides to help worker Gary with one of the boxes. Sometimes all you need is one worker and that is perfectly fine.